Avonlea Slang Dictionary

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Sometimes, the Avonlea townspeople use old-fashioned terms that might sound strange to our modern ears. So here’s our helpful guide to Avonlea slang!

Here are some translations of a few expressions from the days of Avonlea:

a bad egg—a rascal, a scoundrel

Baden-Powell—a trowel, small hand-held shovel

barney—unfair, pre-arranged

blazers—spectacles, eyeglasses

bunny—grub or bunny-meat—green vegetables

do the handsome—to behave extremely well (in kindness, money, etc.) to a person

gentleman of fortune—a pirate, an adventurer

griddle (verb)—to sing in the streets, a street-singer

higgledy-piggledy—in a confused jumble

Johnny Horner—go around the corner

kim kam—the wrong way, out of order

in a pig’s whisper—very quickly indeed, in a very short time

quids—money, or cash

Source: The Penguin Dictionary of Historical Slang

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