Wedding Plans Inspired by Gus and Felicity

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Felicity and Gus Pike are by far the most well-recognized young couple from Kevin Sullivan’s Road to Avonlea series. Mr. and Mrs. Pike’s highly anticipated union still remains ranked within the top 10 episodes due to its believability and beautiful execution. To many fans, it is considered the wedding of all Sullivan weddings.

To those of you who may one day wish to create your own wedding plans in the style of Gus & Felicity, here’s an easy step-by-step breakdown of how to do it. It includes the basics of how to choose: an appropriate venue, Felicity-style bridal bouquet and wedding dress (of course!), engagement and wedding rings, and so much more!

Step 1: The Wedding Ceremony & Venue

 In token of your covenant with one another give each other the right hand… What god hath joined together, let no man put asunder.

Gus-and-Felicity-at-Altar-CompressedMr. and Mrs. Pike’s choice of wedding venue was Carmody Church, followed shortly afterwards by an outdoor garden dinner/reception. Not only is this layout very affordable, but it also takes full advantage of nature’s beautiful elements – sunshine, sweet summer air, and beautiful flowers and wildlife. The Pike Wedding was moderately-sized, with 10-12 guest tables featuring beautifully arranged red carnation arrangements as centerpieces. This layout allowed for the bride and groom to be seated at a head table, decorated with flower garlands and more red carnations. Lemonade and assorted light beverages were served, all being non-alcoholic. Dessert was a two-tiered, layered chocolate cake.


felictygusweddingcakeStep 2:  The Bride’s Bouquet

Felicity’s bouquet is ornate, abundant and large and made up of a wide assortment of different flowers. The most obvious are deep-purple anemones with dark centers, lightly blushing pink garden roses, ranunculus, begonia leaves, and ruffled sweet peas in pink. Interestingly, each flower has a specific meaning tied to matrimony:


Floral Bouquets & Their Meaning

Anemones Anticipation, home Ranunculus Brightness, beauty, charm
Pink Garden Roses
Admiration, joy, gratitude alongside innocence and sweetness Sweet Peas
Delicateness, bliss, happiness, enchantment

Step 3: The Wedding Dress

weddingpics1The wedding dress Felicity wears in “So Dear to My Heart” (Season 7, Episode 13) is not very ornate – in fact, it is classically plain bearing crisp lines and composed of basic white fabric. The shape of her dress is very Edwardian, with a tightly synched waste, sleeves, and moderately high neckline. Her train is long, and her veil is a sheer white topped with small white flowers.

Want to get Felicity’s style for your wedding? If you are able to sew, you can make the pattern yourself… or if that option is not available to you, look to designers like Alfred Angelo and Justin Alexander who have worked to design more classic bridal collections. Either way, Felicity is a vision of innocence, purity, and modesty. If you wish to embody Felicity during your wedding, you should look for similar qualities in the dress you decide upon.

The two dresses below are two popular designs currently featured in Justin Alexander’s 2012 Bridal Collection. Both share several characteristics with Felicity’s dress (square-style neckline, long train, modest cut lines), while still embracing new fabrics and fashion trends. Stunning, aren’t they?


Step 4: The Wedding Bands

The wedding ring which Gus presents to Felicity is a basic gold band with a small modest stone (seen below). This style is evergreen, bold and very characteristic of the groom’s rustic, yet timeless taste.

Held-Hands-Gus-and-Felicity-CompressedStep 5: The Wedding March/Theme Music

The theme song played during Felicity and Gus Pike’s wedding was composed by John Welsman, and is included on the John Welsman CD Soundtrack which is now offered with the purchase of Season 6 (Widescreen), and the Complete Season. To re-imagine their beautiful wedding day, listen to “The Wedding” track below.

Conclusions & Overall Thoughts

Gus-and-Felicity-Wedding-Kiss-CompressedThe most important part of planning your wedding day is making sure that you make it your own. While Felicity and Gus certainly offer an excellent “Maritime” example to inspire, at the end of the day it is really about you and that special loved one. For more wedding ideas, be sure to check out our Anne of Green Gables and Wind At My Back-themed wedding blogs which will follow this week! Want to read more about weddings?

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