Music from the 1900s – “Booth Elliot & Sara Stanley” Style

Music from the 1900s was very different than the music today. For some of us, we would far prefer it- others, not so much.

Music from the 1900s was beginning to take on a “swing/rag-time” feel, which influenced many composers of the period. Around this time frame the first World War began as well, which had a dramatic impact on how music sounded. Some composers chose to employ sadder, more serious melodies whereas others tried to brighten the mood considerably. If you think of the music which Sarah and Booth (below) listened to in Road to Avonlea, you might remember how it sounds.

We thought it would be fun to research some very popular romantic music from the 1900s. What do you think? Take a listen to these pretty tunes below. Enjoy, and Happy Valentines Day!

Booth and Sara - Music from the 1900s

Dear Old Girl, Circa 1912

 You’re the Flower Of My Heart Adeline, Circa 1918

Just Because She Made Dem Goo Goo Eyed, Circa 1906

Under the Bamboo Tree, Circa 1902


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  • Rosebud says:

    I LOVE THIS POST! Loved it. My daughter and I couldn’t get enough of it. Our favorite video/music was Under the Bamboo Tree, Circa 1902. We learned the song and put it to dance. I remembered it from the Judy Garland Movie, “Meet Me In St. Louis.” When my husband came home, we danced and sang for him while your video played. LOVE IT. One of those moments that we’ll cherish. THANK YOU!.

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