Music in Road to Avonlea

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Rural life in Edwardian times could be challenging. An era characterised by hard work, socializing and having fun would have been some of the most prized moments of life. Music and music making were a regular part of Edwardian life especially in Road to Avonlea.

Whether it was barn dances, picnics, fair or church social, residents of Avonlea knew how to have a good time, and music was always a part of it.From Gus’ fiddle playing to Alec’s beautiful singing voice, here are two reasons why music is a crucial part of daily life in Avonlea.

Music Brings People Together

Gus_Playing_FiddleThe beauty of song has been bringing people together for ages. It’s hard to put ones finger on what exactly makes music so special.  Is it  the beauty of the sounds or the sound of someone’s voice? Whatever it is, it often creates a sense of togetherness. In the episode “Thursday’s Child,” Cecily is diagnosed with tuberculosis. In this same episode one of the most beloved musical moments happens when Alex sings a lullabye to his baby boy, Daniel. It is a trying time for the Kings as it would be for any parents to have a child gravely ill. Through song, he feels better connected to his small child, even through sadness.

It Distracts From Daily Life

Rudy_And_BettyAlthough a lot has changed since the times of Road to Avonlea, one thing still remains true; life can’t be all work and no play. Whether you listen to music, play music or watch musicals, chances are music brings you joy in some way. Alec, a talented singer is heard singing in the episode “King of the Great White Way,” by famous Broadway song-writing team, Rudy Blaine and Betty Blaine. They vow to make him a star. Elsewhere in Avonlea, Hetty, Felix and Selena have their own vested interests in the Blaine’s that have little to do with the joy of music. In the end Alec declines the Blaines’ promise of musical fame and fortune and opts to stay in Avonlea with his family. A love of music doesn’t always have to result in a career, it can be just that.
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