Alec is eldest son in the King Family, which often puts him at odds with his head-strong older sister Hetty. He is a devoted husband, father and friend who often puts the needs of others ahead of his own. Alec is proud to be a farmer, but sometimes wonders what his life would be like if he had chosen a different path.

cedric-smithBest known as the kind-but-firm father figure from Road to Avonlea, Cedric Smith is a recognizable face to Canadian audiences—but his voice may be equally well known, as he has narrated and voiced characters in many programs. Smith will be familiar to many Sullivan fans, first appearing as Reverend Allan in 1985’s Anne of Green Gables. He was also featured in the Sullivan programs Sleeping Dogs Lie, Butterbox Babies, Anne: Journey to Green Gables, as well as seven seasons of Road to Avonlea and the Avonlea Christmas Special. Smith won a Gemini award for his work on the series in 1993. Interestingly, Smith had previously played the role of a family patriarch in a period program, before being cast in Road to Avonlea. He acted in four seasons of the Canadian series, The Campbells, and also contributed as a writer.

Born in England, Smith moved to Canada at the age of ten, and began his career in the Entertainment industry when he formed the “Perth Country Conspiracy”, an avant-garde, experimental folk group, in 1969. This vocal training gave him ideal experience to work as a narrator and voice actor, and led to roles in X-Men, Tales from the Cryptkeeper, Spider Man, The Silver Surfer, Totally Spies!, Friends and Heroes, narration for several documentaries, and several of the Canadian advertisements,“Historical Minutes”.

Since filming of RTA wrapped up, Smith has continued acting and appeared in several TV movies, series, and feature films. Most notably, he played a recurring role in the series Living in Your Car, appeared in Murdoch Mysteries, and had a role in the highly popular miniseries, The Kennedy’s (alongside Katie Holmes, Greg Kinnear, and Tom Wilkinson).