Hetty is the middle-aged, traditional and very serious school teacher of Avonlea and also the head of the King Family. She resides at Rose Cottage with her sister, Olivia, and her niece, Sara. Hetty is an important influence in Sara’s life as a strong role model and a mother figure.

jackie_burrougsThe actress who played the indomitable Hetty King actually shares her character’s never-tiring attitude. We can simply look for proof in the number of television series and films she appeared in since her days in Avonlea. Jackie appeared in many Canadian television series, includingDue South, Made in Canada, The Eleventh Hour, Slings and Arrows, as well as the American show Smallville – to name just a few. Some of her feature films include Lost and Delirious, A Guy Thing, Willard, Rhinoceros Eyes, The Republic of Love, Fever Pitch and Into the Labyrinth. Sadly, Jackie Burroughs passed away on September 22, 2010.