Olivia is Sara’s more affectionate, younger aunt and the youngest of the King siblings. She is the more sensitive and social one of Sara’s two aunts and is a “big sister” figure to Sara. Olivia often disagrees with Hetty, especially where men are concerned. She learns to stand on her own two feet and marries Jasper Dale despite Hetty’s disapproval.

mag-ruffmanFans of Road to Avonlea may find Mag Ruffman’s face familiar—before she was cast as Olivia King in RTA, Ruffman appeared as shopkeeper Alice Lawson in Anne of Green Gables and the sequel. Ruffman had a memorable scene with Richard Farnsworth (as Matthew Cuthbert), where he awkwardly purchases a very special girl’s dress as a gift. Ruffman also appeared in the Sullivan Entertainment film, Looking for Miracles.

Ruffman hosted television shows “Anything I Can Do” and “A Repair to Remember” for several years, which showcased her talents as a licensed contractor. She also writes a column, ToolGirl, for the Toronto Star. In 2012, she partnered with Lowe’s Canada to produce a series of web videos featuring creative projects for the whole family. Perhaps best of all, her blog ‘ToolGirl.com’ epitomizes the DIY “can-do” attitude. Ruffman highlights tips and tricks, cool websites, new products, and all the information anyone could hope for about building/fixing/creating.