Old Quarrels, Old Love

The inhabitants of Rose Cottage and Green Gables – Hetty, Olivia, Sara and Rachel – have been invited to attend the wedding of Alice Hardy, a member of a prominent local family. Expecting to enjoy a pleasurable social event on a beautiful summer’s day, no one is prepared for the unexpected appearance of Romney Penhallow, Hetty King’s old (and only) serious beau of her youth.

The true fool is someone who never takes a risk.

Olivia King

Despite every attempt to avoid meeting Mr. Penhallow, Hetty finds herself manipulated into an encounter with him, which all but destroys the wedding festivities for everyone concerned. Nonetheless, she and Romney tentatively manage to resume their former relationship, only to discover it to be as tempestuous and argumentative as it was so many years before.

In spite of a rocky beginning, Hetty begins to enjoy Romney’s company and they are both reminded of their youth and simpler times. However, when Romney sets a rendezvous with Hetty which he fails to keep, she is beside herself with fury, and marches off to his hotel to give him a piece of her mind.

She arrives to see Romney driving away, and is approached by Alec who explains to her that her erstwhile suitor is fatally ill. Hetty’s anger melts into compassion and she forgives Romney for leaving her.

Production Notes

  • Originally Aired December 30, 1990
  • This episode is based on ‘The Winning of Lucinda” which is chapter 5 of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Chronicles of Avonlea.
  • Peter Coyote was nominated for an Emmy award for ‘Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series’ for his portrayal of Romney Penhallow in this episode.
  • The scene where Romney’s car crashes into the haystack was actually filmed at the Avonlea village near the cannery set. The White Sands Hotel was added later in post production using visual effects.