All That Glitters

Gold fever strikes in Avonlea. Sara Stanley finds a Spanish gold coin and throws everyone in to a tizzy about finding treasure. Ezekiel Crane tells her “the Island’s full of buried pirate loot, you’ve just got to search for it”.

I ain't the type fur riches. Rather sleep easy at night. This here lighthouse will suit me fine.

Gus Pike

Hetty is convinced she has a map that leads to treasure buried somewhere at Rose Cottage. When Janet gets wind of this, she demands her share of whatever treasure is found. Meanwhile Rachel Lynde is certain a treasure is hidden beneath the church cellar and with the help of Rev. Leonard proceeds to dig.

When a stranger breaks into the lighthouse and Gus Pike chases him away, Ezekiel decides it is now time to take Gus into his confidence and reveal that there really is treasure. He has one half of the map in his possession and the intruder, Captain Stanhope Borden, an old shipmate of Ezekiel’s, has the other half. Gus offers to help Ezekiel get it by breaking into Borden’s room at the Boarding House. Gus only gets a glimpse of the map but it’s enough to see some important landmarks.

Hetty and Janet’s squabbling over treasure comes to an abrupt stop when their map leads to the drinking well. Rachel and Rev. Leonard only find an old bible with the names to the first settlers of Avonlea.

With new information, Gus and Ezekiel begin their search. When Ezekiel realizes that Borden is following them, he orders Gus to start digging. Gus is perturbed. Why would Ezekiel have him dig here? This isn’t the right spot. The next morning Ezekiel still hasn’t come back to the lighthouse and Gus begins to worry.

I ain’t the type fur riches. Rather sleep easy at night. This here lighthouse will suit me fine. – Gus Pike [/quote] When Sara and Felicity come to visit Gus, they find him in a state of agitation. He explains everything to them and together they decide to find Ezekiel and the treasure. Gus leads them to a cave near the coast and inside they find the pirates’ treasure. From behind the shadows, Captain Borden appears and demands the loot or he’ll kill them. Upon hearing this Ezekiel comes forward and the two old rivals fight. Ezekiel is thrown down a chasm, and the children are horror stricken as they believe Ezekiel is dead. Borden takes the treasure, promising to do the same to them if they follow him.

Grief-stricken Gus returns to the lighthouse and is shocked to see Ezekiel there, preparing to leave. The old man explains how he survived and tells Gus that since the treasure has been found and taken, there’s no reason for him to stay on the island. He offers to take Gus with him, but the boy has found a home in Avonlea. As a memento, Ezekiel gives Gus an old ruby ring set in gold. Soon after he leaves, Gus looks closely at the ring, realizing Ezekiel must have found the treasure the night before. So the old sea captain got his treasure after all!

Production Notes

  • Originally Aired January 27, 1991
  • ]Michael York was writing is autobiography during filming, and was writing in-between takes.
  • The exterior scenes along the cliffs were shot with photo doubles in P.E.I.
  • The Interior cave scenes were shot in the studio. The cave walls were made out of sprayed on Styrofoam that scenic artists carved with knives and then painted to look like rock. The foam walls were also sprayed with water during the shoot to make them look more realistic.
  • The Bible that Reverend Leonard and Rachel Lynde find contain the names, birthdates and marriages of the first Scottish pioneers that settled Avonlea.