Stranger in the Night

Alec hires Itinerant farmhand Caleb Stokes, who took shelter from a rainstorm in the King barn, for a few days work even though the mysterious man is secretive about his past.

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Felicity King

Janet is suspicious and distrustful of Caleb until he saves young Daniel King from an accident. The King family considers Caleb a hero and Olivia photographs him for a front page story in the Avonlea Choronicle. Unfortunately, traveling salesman William McMillan sees the picture and recognizes Caleb immediately. McMillan has been searching for Caleb since his parents lost their life savings investing in Caleb’s fraudulent mining company.

Alec and Caleb go into town, and are attacked by McMillan and his brother. Caleb’s past is revealed – he spent five years in prison for fraud. Caleb sold his family farm, to pay back his investors, but there wasn’t enough to pay back everyone. Since then he has been unable to keep a job when people find out who he is.

Caleb declines Alec’s offer of a permanent job, not wanting to bring danger to the King family. But Alec’s confidence in him gives Caleb the courage to start a new life in the States, where nobody knows him.

Fan Facts

  • Originally Aired February 13, 1994
  • Bruce Greenwood won a Gemini award for his performance as Caleb Stokes in this episode. Greenwood was originally going to have a recurring character, but was only available for one episode.
  • Haying actually happens in early summer, not fall, so large, round bales of hay were brought in and rolled out onto the field. The baled hay was extremely flat, so the set dressers had to “fluff it up” to make it look freshly cut.