King of the Great White Way

A famous Broadway song-writing team, Rudy Blaine and Betty Blaine, turn the White Sands upside down when they arrive for a brief holiday. Rudy is suffering from writers block and is hoping a change of scenery will get his creative juices flowing. Hetty King dismisses them as riffraff until Olivia reveals that they are honest-to-goodness friends to King George V of England.

Hetty arranges a musical in their honor in hopes of being mentioned to the King. Felix and Selena want to sell Jasper’s voice recorder invention to the Blaines. All the couple wants is a little peace and quiet – until they hear Alec sing. The tone of Alec’s voice has broken Rudy’s writers block and the duo vow to make Alec the toast of Broadway.

Alec is flattered by the attention and the compliments but his life and family are in Avonlea and always will be. With some help from Selena Dale, they come up with a device to help Rudy play in the proper key, and they head back to Broadway without Alec.

Times like these make one realize the mixed blessings of going deaf.

Great Aunt Eliza Ward

Fan Facts

  • Originally aired February 18, 1996
  • Canadian Actor and Comedian Eugene Levy guest stars as Rudy Blaine in this episode.
  • Fellow Canadian Sheila McCarthy, who played Betty Blaine, also had a lead role in Sullivan’s “Super Rupert”.