Kevin Sullivan’s films and series have been praised for their beauty and strong storytelling through which he has woven a unique spell. Early on in his career Sullivan established a strong brand based on visual style, quality of writing and outstanding performances; a brand that has cultivated a devoted international following. In American film schools, Sullivan’s Anne of Green Gables has often been studied as a model of television drama with multi-generational, multi-cultural appeal.

road-to-avonlea-sullivan-touch-03Renowned for his directorial ease with children and well-known stars, Sullivan’s careful attention to performance and production detail has led him to create over 300 hours of movies, mini-series and series in scripted drama.

Sullivan began his career in the arts at Hart House Theatre at the University of Toronto, after he graduated in 1978 with an honors degree in Biology. As Sullivan explains it, after years of an intensely scientific approach to the world he discovered a longing to explore the other side of his brain. After a brief foray studying baroque architecture in Germany and producing commercials and music videos, he cajoled a number of talented individuals he had met backstage in the theatre into helping him make several of his early films. Sullivan was later joined by his partner Trudy Grant and they established Sullivan Entertainment together in 1981 and created the hallmark of the Sullivan brand: intelligent beautiful and moving stories.