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Avonlea Village Is Now Open For Visitors

Agatha Krzewinski

The historic and picturesque village in Cavendish PEI, Avonlea Village, is once again open this year and will remain open for the rest of the summer.  If you are going to be in PEI, make sure to make a special stop and add this site to your trip itinerary.

The village features 8 eateries and 5 shops in replicas of houses and shops reflecting the 19th-century hometown of the most loveable book character Anne of Green Gables. It also features several heritage buildings such as the original Belmont Schoolhouse Montgomery taught in, the 1906 Minister’s Residence, and the 1872 Historic Long River Church that Montgomery attended. The historic buildings were restored and moved to the Avonlea Village at 8779 Route 6Cavendish, PE, COA 1N0

The village has been operating for the past 15 years and is open seasonally from June to September. The village made some recent big changes in the last few years, introducing shops and restaurants in the replica buildings, in the replacement of theatre and actors portraying various characters from Anne of Green Gables. Admission is now free; visitors previously had to pay an admission fee. Dogs on a leash are welcome!

Avonlea was the fictitious name that author L.M. Montgomery gave to the setting in Anne of Green Gables, drawing much inspiration from growing up in the late 19th-century farming communities surrounding Cavendish, New Glasgow, New London, Hunter River, and Park Corner. As a fictional location, it has appeared in Sullivan Entertainment's Anne of Green Gables films and their spin-off, the seven-season TV Series Road To Avonlea.

For more information visit AvonleaVillage – Avonlea Village

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