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Who is your favorite Road to Avonlea Couple?

Sullivan Entertainment

Summer romance is in the air! Our beloved characters in Road to Avonlea all had their fair share of romance. We want you to vote on who your favorite couple is. Let us know:

  1. Felicity King and Gus Pike
  2. The childhood sweethearts had their share of ups and downs, but their story is a testament that true love conquers all!
  3. Olivia King and Jasper Dale
  4. Such a sweet couple. Both characters with such kind hearts, they truly deserve each other.
  5. Felix King and Izzy Pettibone
  6. Young love! These two friends soon blossomed into romantic interest.
  7. Sarah Stanley and Booth Elliot
  8. Even Hetty King couldn't stop these two from romance!
  9. Alec and Janet King
  10. This couple gets my vote! They are partners and raised such a beautiful loving family. You can watch all seasons of Road to Avonlea on Gazebo TV!

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